I’m an artist & graphic designer.

I do my drawings and paintings + I run my small graphic design business (est. in 2005). In september 2012 I moved into the studio on Kærlighedsstien 7 in the heart of Aarhus. In 2017 the studio in Hadsten north of Aarhus (where I also live with my family) where ready and I am enjoying the luxury of having two great workplaces.

The GRAPHIC DESIGN work features a broad range of art direction / graphic design of catalogs, annual reports, books, posters, photo-collages, illustrations, logos, design manuals etc.

My PAINTINGS are known for their structure-filled surface - both paper, acrylic, oilsticks and graphite is used to build up the many layers. This part of my work should be experienced with your senses instead of your head - as I aim for them to be vibrant, sensitive interpretations of human emotion and states of mind.

I do both small drawings and big abstract paintings. Please contact me on (+45) 40 31 28 93 for an appointment if you wish to come by the studio and have a look.

The INTERIOR design is done in association with artspot.dk.

Please contact Lisbeth Henriksen on (+45) 22 24 82 21 or info@artspot.dk if you would like to hear what this type of design could do for your company.

“Most of my work is in the borderland between art and design. I do both the simple, sleek designs AND fullblown artistic, super creative stuff.

The graphic work features a broad range of art direction / graphic design; books, brochures, catalogs, annual reports, posters, photo-collages, logos, design manuals etc.

The paintings are where I express myself where as much of my graphic- and interior design work is done with a strong emphasis on expressing the company/client.

To me the combination is perfect and I find that it fuels my inspiration for both. ”


Fagskolen for grafik - Aalborg Kunstskole.
Visual kommunikation - Designskolen Kolding.

Graphic designer - Agency: Asbjørn Kommunikation.


Kollerup Gods

Vestas Kunstforening

Benedikte Smykker & galleri

Helberg design (Kunstuge project)

Dronninglund Kunstcenter

AAU Aalborg University

Kunst & Kulturcenter Strandgaarden, Tranum
Nordsømuseet, Hirtshals
Påskeudstillingen, Dronninglund Slot
Skagen Rådhus
Den Grafiske Højskole, København
Hirtshals Rådhus – med Marianne Isager
Galleri Friis, Lønstrup